Stowe Landscape Gardens - Wwise Environment

Dynamic ambience created with sounds from SCAD libraries.

Creating Space through Sound

I aimed to create an immersive environment using only ambience and footstep sounds. I used the gardens of Stowe in England as inspiration, as they provided both a relaxing backdrop and several characteristic landmarks, such as bridges and pavilions. All sounds are manipulated through Wwise in real time using 4 parameters (RTPCs):

1. GroundMaterial

  • Transitions footstep sounds between grass, dirt, gravel, and stone.

  • Crossfades smoothly between each for more complex surfaces.

2. Indoors

  • Filters out any outdoor ambience and applies reverb to remaining sfx.
  • If it is raining, the splatter of rain on stone is heard.
  • At midrange values, spaces become reverberant without much filtering. (Ideal for pavilions and other open-air monuments)

3. Stormy

  • Stowe is prone to frequent and sudden bursts of rain.
  • Increasing this RTPC fades out birdsong and introduces gusty winds, light drizzle, and eventually a full downpour.
  • Thunder also booms with increasing (but still randomized) frequency at higher values.

4. StreamProximity

  • Simulates the calm bodies of water that flow throughout the gardens.

Landmark Profiles

To demonstrate the flexibility of those 4 RTPCs, I selected landmarks that were distinct and identifiable and created presets for each of them.